Mike Berry was a fan of skiffle and rock and roll music as a teenager and he formed his own skiffle group called “The Rebels” and then introduced electric guitars as “Kenny Lord and the Statesmen.” Joe Meek became their manager and producer, and he signed up a group called the Stormers as his new back-up band, naming the new group “Mike Berry and the Outlaws.”[1][2] He had three hits in the 1960s in the UK Singles Chart, his most successful being “Don’t You Think It’s Time”, reaching No.6 in January 1963. His “Tribute To Buddy Holly” is also noted for having been banned by the BBC for being “morbid.”[3] The hit singles were all produced by Joe Meek. In the mid-1970s he returned to the charts in the Netherlands and Belgium, as pirate radio station Radio Mi Amigo played his new record material, released on Dutch record label Pink Elephant Records. “Don’t Be Cruel” made No. 14 in the Dutch Nationale Hitparade in May 1975.[4] His next record, a remake of his 1960 debut song “Tribute to Buddy Holly”, hit No. 2 in October of that same year.[4] In 1977, “I’m A Rocker,” released on Flemish record label Scramble Records (owned by Radio Mi Amigo DJ Norbert), failed to chart. In 1980, he had a chart success in the UK, with “The Sunshine of Your Smile,” a cover version of a romantic song which was produced by Chas Hodges; this had originally been written before the First World War and recorded by Jessie Broughton in about 1915. In 1985, his song “Everyone’s A Wally” was included as the b-side to the video game by Mikro-Gen of the same name. His most recent CD was About Time Two, recorded in Nashville, Tennessee with The Crickets. In 1988, Berry co-wrote “This is the Kiss” with Mel Simpson which was chosen to be among the final eight songs in “A Song for Europe” (the UK selection vehicle for the Eurovision Song Contest) performed by Two-Che, composed of Irishman Paul Clements and Manchurian Nicola Jackson. The song placed second with 73,785 televotes. In 2016, Berry auditioned for the fifth series of The Voice but was not successful.[5] In 2017, Berry went on a UK tour with The Solid Gold Rock’n’Roll Show, which also featured Eden Kane, Marty Wilde and Mark Wynter.[6]